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Could Jersey City foot some of the bill for eminent domain proceedings at Christ Hospital?

July 13th 2020 9:44PM
But the sales have been complicated by Alaris Health owner Avery Eisenreich. A month after CarePoint Health announced the sale of Christ and ...

Strapped for time? This five-minute workout is designed to get you 'lit' — and sweaty

July 13th 2020 9:33PM
... Max-Age=31557600;; Path=/; SameSite=Lax; Secure; ... These 18 workout clothes are all on sale, and we're ready to shop.

Top 10 Recent Domain Sales & What happened to them?

July 13th 2020 7:49PM
We all know about for $8.13 Million US Dollars but let's view the recent Top 10 Domain Name Sales and What happened to ...

Don't Blindly Authorize a Listing on Afternic

July 13th 2020 6:56PM
From what I understand, had I clicked the link and approved the listing, it would have gone on sale at Afternic. Had the domain name been sold via ...

ICE HSI seizes website illegally selling weapon components, silencers from China in US

July 13th 2020 6:11PM
HSI Detroit seized the internet domain “” pursuant to an international arms-trafficking investigation. HSI determined that more than ...

July 13th 2020 5:57PM
We've been helping people securely buy domain names since 2002 and are home to over 2.5 million domain names. Our advanced platform security ...

Maestro oct for sale

July 13th 2020 5:08PM
Topcon 3D OCT-2000 Spectral Domain OCT the first Spectral Domain OCT system to incorporate a high resolution fundus camera and a user friendly ...
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